This season’s flavours

September 5, 2014

With supermarkets seeming to have all of the fruit and veg, all of the time, it’s easy to forget that there’s a seasonal calendar to take advantage of.

We wholly believe that food always tastes better when it’s in season, so at Eat Out Cornwall we’ve been out with our basket and found excellent produce that you can find at this time of year:



This may seem a little standard, but the sheer amount of strawberries ripe for the picking throughout Cornwall’s many ‘pick your own’ farms at this time of year means there’s no excuse not to feature them!

And they’re not just limited to jam; strawberry wine, ice cream, salads (chicken and strawberry, anyone?) and a spicy salsa are just some of the tastes you can experiment with during their harvesting season.

Of course, you can always spruce up the traditional Cornish cream tea with a few slices of this brilliant little fruit!


We can’t imagine a late summer without loading up with plastic boxes and heading to the countryside to pick blackberries – it’s one of the great Cornish pastimes.

The next best thing is creating the pies, crumbles, preserves and jams with the tart dark juices and soft fruit. Keep an eye out for overgrown bushes on the roadside or hedgerows for your chance to stumble upon some seasonal sweetness.



These purple roots are just coming into season this month, and it’s time we embraced beetroot not only for its deliciousness, but also for what you can actually do with it.

Almost as versatile as the potato, beetroot can be made into crisps, enjoyed with soft cheeses, roasted, grated and made into soups – amongst many other incarnations we’re sure (juices, cakes, tarts…)

Quite simply, it’s the purple savior of late summer!

Runner Beans

A far cry from the mange tout you’ll find in the vegetable aisle, homegrown runner beans are a thing of wonder: enormous green fingers with a rough skin and an incredibly cleansing taste.

Best enjoyed in salads (hot or cold) or sliced and steamed with a Sunday roast; alternatively for an international approach mix with French and broad beans for a filling, fibrous meal!

There’s always an abundance of seasonal fruit and veg growing away in Cornwall, a veg box from companies such as the Cornish Food Market deliver fresh, seasonal veg to your door – meaning you’ll never be caught with last season’s flavours!


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