Eat Out Cornwall - Our Principles

We want to make clear that we will operate this site with the highest standards in ethics and honesty.

The principles upon which this site is based are:

  • We are independent of any food and drink organisation or body.
  • Contributions to this site will be especially welcomed, but will be subject to editorial control. If you wish to submit some news, views, reviews or food and drink related article, please contact us.
  • All independent contributions to this site will be acknowledged.
  • Note that we will not publish anonymous articles – therefore stand up and be counted!
  • Restaurant reviews are published in good faith and without prejudice. They are the honest opinion of the reviewer or the overall assessment of individual reviews or contributions, and do not reflect the views of Eat Out Cornwall.
  • Nobody from Eat Out Cornwall will ever solicit for free meals, goods or services. Anybody claiming to represent this website who seeks to obtain meals, goods or services is a fraud. If in doubt about the credentials of anybody purporting to represent this site, please contact us.
  • Product and restaurant reviews will also be conducted by invitation and Eat Out Cornwall will be pleased to present a full and fair assessment of your product or service. Please contact us to arrange a review.
  • Product and restaurant reviews will also be done anonymously.
  • Advertisements will be displayed for products or services but will clearly be advertisements. To advertise on this website please contact us.
  • Recommendations by Eat Out Cornwall are independent of advertising revenue.
  • The authors and publishers of this website are reasonable people. Anybody who feels they have been dealt with unfairly should approach us with their grievance and appropriate action will be taken to address the problem.
  • The information presented in this website is provided in good faith. All information will be presented as accurately as possible. Where mistakes occur they will be corrected as soon as possible (when identified or when notified to us)
  • No part of this web site publication may be reproduced or utilised in any form by any means whatsoever without the prior permission of the authors.
  • Although all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of the website, neither the publishers nor the authors of this website can accept any liability for any consequence arising from the accuracy or use of the information contained within, please contact us.

Thank you – Eat Out Cornwall Team

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