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Restaurant Reviews in Cornwall

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Eat Out Cornwall would like YOUR reviews about the best restaurants in Cornwall.


Please use the form above to submit your review.

Once your review has been submitted it will appear on our site as soon as our staff has checked the content.


Please note the following:

  • All reviews will be passed on to the restaurant reviewed.
  • Positive reviews will be published, negative ones may not be depending on content and restaurant feedback.
  • It will be the restaurant who will contact the reviewer to try and resolve any issues that have arisen from your visit.
  • If your review is negative please indicate if you brought the issue up at your time of visit and include a valid email address.
  • Some reviews may not be published for legal reasons.
  • We cannot accept any reviews that use foul language, include allegations of dishonesty or accuse a restaurant of making them ill - unless that is supported by a doctor's note and a report from the Local Environmental Health Officer.

Why are no negative reviews posted?

Its very hard to maintain a fair reviews system as fake reviewers or rival businesses could easily post negative reviews. We had in the past shown all reviews, however we were threatened with legal action for publishing bad reviews. We also had hoax reviews sent in, restaurants have sent comments about other restaurants, and there are issues with content and spamming. Our decision to show only positive reviews was based on all these factors.

Negative reviews are passed to the restaurants via email. In many cases restaurants would offer compensation or would change aspects of their restaurants on the back of these comments. Please keep sending the bad along with the good.


The Editor alone will decide whether or not to publish any review or comment, the decision is final.

Anyone who has their Restaurant Review published on Eat Out Cornwall will automatically be entered into our monthly draw to win a bottle of Cornwall's very own Polgoon Vineyard Raspberry Aval award winning sparkler!

So get reviewing and good luck!


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